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They say, "Variety is the spice of life", and you'll certainly find that to be true after browsing through the Dairy Department at Tom's Market.  From the myriad of exotic cheese brands to the broad spectrum of Kombuchas and Keifers, you're sure to find everything your tastebuds are craving!  And a few new things to try and tell your friends about!

Our new Dairy Manager, Thomas, comes with a fresh vision and an eagerness to impress all who peruse his department.  He's working hard to bring customers all of the reliable standards as well as new favorites including varieties of soy milk, fresh pasta, yogurt, juice, cottage cheese, butter, and the best selections of organic and non-dairy products in the southwestern Ohio region.    

We also have a great variety of fresh, locally sourced eggs to choose from. 

So come on in and treat yourself to a helping of Yellow Springs hospitality in the Dairy Department at Tom's Market!

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